Mix the right lighting with Spanish Fly to turn her on like clockwork

pexels-photo.jpgA woman’s body and sexuality really interact with each other in the form of something as intricate as clockwork. If you have ever taken apart a clock that does not require a battery. It is very easy to be impressed and see that the clock mechanism is made of really tiny parts. Also they use springs and all sorts of interlocking small gears. These springs are set up and wound up in such a way that they can continue to drive that watch even without being wound up for a long time. Imagine that, remove any physical activity or input on your part, the watch continues to operate seven days a week, 52 weeks a year and so on and so forth.

Sounds awesome right? That same level of complex interaction and inner fluidity is apparent in female sexuality. It is not just a question of physical capabilities. It is not just a question of whether she can get wet. Now, given the right input, force or triggers it is something more than that. Most of these are mental or emotional in nature. Most guys are clueless about this and that’s why they fail again and again.

Women are worth your time studying and observing. If you want to hook up with more chicks, allow yourself to be truly curious about what makes them tic. Otherwise, you’ll just be stuck looking in from the outside. And, chances are, you will continue to struggle trying to pick them up and have sex with as many of them as possible. You’d get the same success ratio as most other guys.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You’re probably going to get laid. That’s not the issue. The big issue is, if you are anywhere like the typical red-blooded all American male, involves consistency. You don’t want ot just get laid here and there. You don’t want to get laid every once in a while or every once in a blue moon. Instead, you want to get your jollies off on a consistent basis-with a wide variety of women. This is going to a lot more doing to get going than simply getting lucky. You can’t rely on getting lucky. It is not enough.

Accordingly, it is worth paying attention to women and studyig them from the inside out. Put simply, if you get into their heads and figure out how to do it consistently and predictably, then you also have figured out a way to get into their pants like clockwork.

And this is where the issue comes in. Turning on women like clockwork involves a mix of factors. It isn’t luck but it requires quite a bit of work and attention to detail.

If you really get down to the science of human attraction and sexuality, it is an intricate dance if you will, between chemistry and our mindsets. In other words, it is how we view reality, how we define certain things and how we set up our personal narratives. These can often trump physical realities like blood chemistry and hormone levels. This is why it is really important to pay attention to the power of lighting when trying to turn somebody on.

Light inputs impact brain hormones and blood flow. This impact might not jump out at you. It might not be so blatant as to change the world forever. But if you continue to turn a blind eye to this, chances are this intricate flow between the physical body and emotional states as well as chemical and hormonal signals will continue to work against you. Is not it time to make this all work for you?

How do you make this happen? Well first of all, you resolve to invest in the right mood and lighting. How does this pay off? What does this event have to do with getting your partner in the mood? Well, it excites your partner with a multi-sensory experience.

The light enables a certain level of trust and mutual comfort. When you get somebody comfortable around you, you automatically become more magnetic to them. At the very least, you look like a person that would give the benefit of the doubt. Do not waste this opportunity. When people give in to that experience, they enter a mood that can lead to great things like great sex, great conversations, deep intimate personal bonding, so on and so forth. Get the whole thing going by using the right lighting first.

Aphrodisiac Supplements: Spanish Fly, Foods, Music

Then, supplement with aphrodisiacs like aphrodisiac foods, great music, physical rituals or specific physical triggers like Spanish Fly-wiki. Regardless of how you solve this puzzle make sure to always come back to the center of reality: that physical arousal really is not about the physical body per se. Instead, it is about the mental state and emotional connection at a particular point in time. More about Spanish Fly here!

You have to pay close attention to the comfort level of the woman you are trying to get intimate with. You have to lead her as well as be sensitive to her needs so she can lead you. This interplay and this delicate back and forth is crucial for you to send the right messages at the right time that will give her the right impression so she can give in to the right impulses and you both have a good time. Notice the chain reaction? Everything has to fall into place properly. Everything has to have a flow. Most guys are completely clueless to this and that’s why they can’t get any action. They have taken themselves out of the equation with their assumptions and expectations. Most of these are unrealistic.

Get this right and you would become more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Get this wrong and you will continue to struggle. It really boils down to a little bit of attention to detail as well as an investment of time, effort and energy in figuring out the right signals and coming up with workarounds. It can pay off tremendously as far as your appeal to the members of the opposite sex are concerned.


Boost Seduction Chances With a Sexy Life Makeover

By living in sexy surroundings and focussing on bringing sensuality to the fore, anyone can increase their sexual power. It gives constant reinforcement to the sexual self image which can only serve to increase sexual messages sent out to potential partners.

Sex up the Bookshelf

There are numerous erotic classics that can add sensuality to anyone’s book collection, helping broaden the mind and add new sensual perspectives. Anais Nin, Pauline Reage and the Marquis de Sade wrote some of the most popular erotic classics. Many people also enjoy reading the fantasies in Nancy Friday books like My Secret Garden (Quartet Books) – a guide to women’s sexual fantasies.

There are also numerous contemporary erotic imprints. Xcite Books and Cleis Press have erotic titles covering everything from steamy romance to fetish. Black Lace and Nexus are two other imprints providing a wide range of erotic novels: the former for women and the latter for men. Or for free online erotica, try Literotica.


Erotic stories are a great way to encourage sexual communication, offering partners the opportunity to discuss and share fantasies – or simply opt for cerebral foreplay. Obviously, erotic stories are also a great way to enhance solo pleasure.

Sex up the Bedroom

The bedroom is generally the place that most people have the majority of their sexual encounters. Turning the bedroom into a boudoir helps keep erotic daydreams at the fore. Aromatherapy candles scented with rose, sandalwood or ylang ylang help add a sensual mood.

Sexy sheets, whether high thread count cotton, silk, satin or velvet, caress the skin and add an extra layer of sensuality to sexual encounters. Fake fur throws and duck down pillows are ideal to recline against. And erotic inspirations, whether a library of erotic films, collection of erotic books by the bedside or sensual illustrations on the wall all help reinforce the message that the bedroom is for lovemaking.

Create a Sexy Home

The bedroom isn’t the only place that can be sexually charged. Fresh flowers, sensual fabrics, erotic aromatherapy oils or incense and comfortable areas that make reclining erotically come naturally will all help a home seem sexier.

Some people also like erotic art. There are numerous artists ranging from people such as Eve Poland, who creates fun and sexy cartoons, to Jamie McCartney who creates erotic body sculptures by casting real people. Specialist erotic art galleries such as Impure Art show the wonderful array of sexy art that’s available.

Create a Sexy Love Hamper

Creating a seduction hamper is also a sexy idea that can encourage healthy sexual experimentation. The contents can vary depending on preference but could include erotic aromatherapy massage oil, fake fur stroking mitts, herbal aphrodisiacs, blindfolds and bondage ties.

There are also numerous sex toys available, from cock rings to crystal dildos, the ubiquitous Jessica Rabbit or kinkier options such as butt plugs. Couples may find it easiest – and most enlightening – to choose toys together. Indeed, creating a sex hamper together can be a fun way to get the mind focused on sex.

Condoms are an essential for singles, unless they have been tested for sexually transmitted infections and are practising monogamous sex with a regular casual partner who has also been tested. They are also essential for couples unless both people have been tested. Love doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted infections.

The love hamper can be stored in the bedroom, bathroom or anywhere else in the house it’s likely to get used …

Sex up Every Aspect of Life

Almost every aspect of life can be given a sexy twist. The fridge can be a home to erotic aphrodisiac snacks; the drinks cabinet can house ingredients for sexy cocktails; the bathroom can be filled with erotic bathing accessories; even the garden can have a sexy twist added by planting aphrodisiac herbs, and being used to grow sexy cutting flowers such as roses, or erotically scented flowers such as jasmine.

By thinking of ways to add a sexy charge to every aspect of life, and incorporating sexy treats into a relationship, sexiness will become more of a priority in anyone’s life. And once that erotic inspiration is there, sensual activity is sure to follow.

Give Yourself a Natural HGH Boost

4Being one of the most anabolic hormones known to mankind, human growth hormone or “HGH” is the most widely used steroid among athletes and fitness buffs. Its benefits can cover various areas including muscle growth and fat reduction. However, the use of artificial steroids comes with a wide array of potential health risks and other negative effects. What many people fail to realize is that this hormone, already being naturally produced by the body, can be increased through natural means as well. Ditch the needles and pills, here is a list of completely natural ways of increasing growth hormone levels and becoming the fitness beast you want to be!

3Lose Weight
As simple as this may sound, weight loss is an extremely effective way of raising natural growth hormone production. High levels of body fat lead to high levels of insulin. This excess insulin can significantly suppress growth hormone production. So, if you’re looking to increase your HGH levels, you might have to shed a few excess pounds first.

Anabolic Diets
While there are several different diets that promise the increase of metabolism and hormonal functions, crash diets may not necessarily be the way to go. Diets that include eating styles like John Kiefer’s Carb back Loading, sugar cutting, and Brad Pilon’s Eat-Stop-Eat have each been proven to significantly increase natural growth hormone production.

Many anabolic diets, including those mentioned in the previous number, include a 24-hour fasting period that is intended to reset the body’s digestive system and jumpstart the body’s metabolic functions. In some studies, it has been discovered that the level of growth hormones can be increased by up to 2000% following a 24-hour fast.

Studies have found that most growth hormone is secreted during REM stages of sleep. These studies have stated that if you sleep longer, you will produce more growth hormone. Sleep quality can be improved through an increase of melatonin. While there are supplements for melatonin, things such as sleeping in a completely dark room can naturally increase the pineal glands’ ability to produce melatonin throughout the night.

High Interval Intensity Training
One can’t expect to get results without having to do some work. Like fasting, HIIT has been scientifically proven to drastically raise the amount of natural growth hormone production. The maximization of heart rate and the short intense bursts of exercise lead to significant HGH boosts. HIIT also activates super-fast muscle fibres – fibres that, upon activation, trigger a huge release of testosterone and growth hormone into the bloodstream.

7If you’re looking to get into tip-top shape, without having to stick yourself with some unknown substances, then remember that there are all-natural, practically risk-free ways of boosting that anabolic powerhouse hormone. All in all, living a disciplined and healthy lifestyle is all you’ll need to raise your growth hormone levels and get the body you’ve always wanted.

HGH: A Body Builder’s Secret Weapon

After its discovery in the 1920s and its isolation in the form of somatotropin in 1956, the human growth hormone (HGH), with its various benefits and uses, has continued to grow in popularity among fitness enthusiasts and body builders alike. Listed among its users are rapid muscle development, fat reduction, increased sex drive, and great energy boots. However, many aspects of HGH still remain unknown to the world, thus making it difficult for prospective users to make decisions regarding its use. This article hopes to answer the most frequently asked questions about this powerful anabolic hormone.

Human growth hormones are naturally produced in the body’s pituitary gland. As implied by its name, it is responsible for cell growth and regeneration. It is also known for increasing muscle mass and bone density, as well as maintaining the health of all human tissue. When secreted into the bloodstream, the liver converts it into growth factors like the anabolic powerhouse, insulin-like growth factor-1. Healthy adult males typically have less than 5 nanograms per milliliter in circulation. Healthy adult females may produce twice that amount during child-bearing. Production levels of both sexes peak during puberty, then drastically drop during their early 20s.

Considering that the production of HGH significantly decreases between the ages of 20-30, many opt to find ways of boosting its production. Doing so promotes and increases the synthesis of new protein tissues, thus speeding up muscle recovery and repair. New researches have also suggested its ability to convert body fat into energy sources. It has been proven to improve sleeping patterns, sexual performance, bone density, heart and kidney health.


While there are a number of doctor prescribed drugs and treatments, these are usually only made available to people who have been diagnosed to have natural growth hormone deficiencies. Some illegal alternatives can be uncertain, potentially dangerous and usually very expensive. However, there are two major factors that can contribute to the increasing of growth hormone levels without the use of a drug. Weight training and proper sleep have been proven to significantly increase the circulation of the human growth hormone. The inclusion of a diet factor assists in keeping these HGH levels balanced as fat gains may lead to lower levels of GH. There are also number of hormone-boosting agents such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can be found in a number of vitamins, organic substances, and specific foods.